Friday, 29 August 2014

holiday style #midiskirt

fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos midi skirt, kimono, newlook, ootd, tenerife, summer fashion

summer, tenerife, peurto de la cruz, spain, holiday

fashion and beauty blog, plus size fashion, asos midi skirt, kimono, newlook, ootd, tenerife, summer fashion

Well two weeks went fast! 

Seriously. Where did two whole weeks go?

I got back off my holiday from Tenerife on Tuesday night. Normally I'm really upset to leave but for once I felt okay about it. Not because I had an awful time, in fact I had a really lovely holiday. I enjoyed lots of sunshine (got a bit of a tan for me), spent some time swimming and best of all, I read some amazing books. Strangely, I just felt ready to come back  and get on with my life here. Besides this, I always love returning to my bed and eating English food again. Anyway, above is one of the outfits I wore during the beginning of my holiday. Even in the summer I can't resist layering. I bought this dusty pink skater skirt from Asos for around £20, I believe. I just thought it'd be really comfy and light in the heat but also quite versatile for wearing during the day as well as the evening.

Seen as though so many bizarre things happened while I was away, I thought I'd share a couple of stories alongside my holiday/outfit posts. The first is called...

The VERY Enthusiastic Spanish Salesman 

 Every evening after dinner, a jewellery stall with local jewellery and bags would be set up in the hotel foyer for the guest to look at, try on and buy (if they wanted). Being a girl who likes jewellery and bags, every evening, I'd always have a little look and occasionally I bought a couple of things. On this one particular evening I was greeted by a VERY enthusiastic Spanish salesman. 
My mum was looking at the jewellery and although I'd quickly decided that it wasn't really to my taste I continued to look with her. She had her eye on an owl necklace. To inspect it closer, I picked it up off the table but before I knew what was happening, the necklace had vanished from my hands. Stood behind me was the VERY enthusiastic Spanish salesman who was lifting up my hair and putting the giant owl necklace on me. Before it was even on, he told me I looked beautiful in it. 
Awkwardly, I stood there as he struggled to do the necklace up. Looking back, I think I only allowed him to do it up because I was just so surprised. To make things even more bizarre, I realised he was also removing my earrings (!?) and trying to put in a pair of matching owls. I stood in a weird daze as I felt him stabbing my ear with an earring and not successfully finding the hole. Feeling a little sick, I pushed his hands away and put the earrings in. Despite the irritated look on my face, he took this as encouragement and held up a table mirror and exclaimed, "You like them!"
"They're nice," I said, "but not really my style." 
He looked confused but continued to show me my reflection. 
"It's very chunky. I like my jewellery more...delicate," I said, removing the necklace and earrings. He held up a hand and told me he had the perfect necklace for me. To stay where I was. He returned a moment later with an even bigger necklace that was somehow more ugly than the giant owl. This time I refused to try it on.
How I find myself in these awkward positions, I have no idea...needless to say, I didn't buy anything from him and made sure to hide the following week when I saw his jewellery stand back in the foyer.

Kimono New Look
Vest top George
Midi skirt Asos Curve
Necklace Tatty Devine
Tassell bag Accessorize 

Happy Friday!


Courtney Erin said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday...that one experience aside!

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

daisychain said...

Looking lovely! And OMG at that salesman! x

Zara Kate said...

Love the skirt, midi's are so on trend at the moment, you look fab! And great story, some people are slightly too pushy, they don't take no for an answer! Hope you had a great time in Tenerife x

Zara x