Saturday, 23 June 2012

a Tote-ally cute bag.

Tote Bag: large and often unfastened bag, with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch.

For the last few months I have been running around like a maniac searching for the perfect tote bag (also known as a shopper or shopper bag). After much searching, I finally found the one for me. I paid only £20 in Newlook for it here and already it is proving to be very useful. So many people have complimented me on it as well which always makes a day out that much better, right?? I like it because it is simple, fashionable, comfortable and also has the expensive Zara look without the price tag (see here and here). Below are a few snaps of it. As you may have already noticed, it is the same bag as the red one above but obviously in a different colour. I opted for this muted sandy tone and personally think it looks a lot nicer. Tote bags are a massive Summer 2012 trend especially here in Europe so if you are wanting a bag to take you from day to night or shops to the beach, a tote bag is the solution.

Side note: I am seriously guilty of neglecting my blog in the last couple of weeks. An offence I hadn't yet committed since starting it nearly two years ago. I hereby swear it shall never happen again!!

Let me know what you think of my bag, my pictures and most importantly, totes in general?? I love hearing from you guys!!

Peace out.


Fashion R&D said...

I love the tote and LOVE the color you got! I've yet to get one so maybe you've inspired me to start shopping! Yeah, please don't be gone so long!

Anonymous said...

oh love these type of tote bags, they are 'tote-ally'cute, haha! :))

ellie said...

I love this. Especially, the pics of you. Great post! Hope your summer is amazing.

ivy's closet said...

I love a good tote. Looks like a great one to have. I carry a lot of stuff too.

Sweet pic of you!

lucy and sarah said...

I would have gotten the tan too. Such a cool post. Cool pics, too. All the best to your blogging.

Emmanuella said...

Very cute bag indeed, like it! You look lovely on the pictures :)

christine said...

TOTALLY love the bag!! I have several totes of different colors...pretty handy especially for work

Maiken said...

I like the bag and I especially like how it has this almost golden look in your photos. oh and I must compliment your lip colour as well! it's a gorgeous shade of red!

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